Suguru Uesugi



 Suguru Uesugi第1回(2011年)第2回(2012年)アートアイランズTOKYOに出品。代表する作品は、緻密なドットを打ち、一定の形態を連続させる平面作品。波浮では「葦」を素材にした、風と光を感じさせる立体作品を発表した。これも平面の延長線上に位置するものであり、制作は一体のリズムで、時間を編み込むような作業であった。
オートマチックな作業を試みる間からこぼれる「手」の痕跡は、システムマッチクな方法論と真逆な温かみを感じさせる。また、難解ではあるが作家の心情を温かく、そして鋭く切り込む論評もまさに上杉流であった 。


写真上:「風の路」アートアイランズTOKYO 2011の作品
写真下:「浄化装置」アートアイランズTOKYO 2012の作品
photo (top): “The Wind Path”, Art Islands TOKYO 2011
photo (bottom): “Purification Device”, Art Islands TOKYO 2012

Suguru UesugiSuguru Uesugi

Mr. Suguru Uesugi passed away early in the morning on May 5, 2015 under the condition of medical treatment.

Suguru UesugiHe participated in the first (2011) and second (2012) Art Islands TOKYO. His prominent artwork is the dimensional works to be continuous a certain form with striking a dense dot. He created installation artwork with reed at Art Islands TOKYO. His artworks made audience to feel wind and light. It also is intended to position on the extension of the plane. His production style is work such as weaving the time with integral of rhythm.

Traces of his “hand” overflowing the interval to try automatic work let us feel the warmth that the truth is reverse to the systematic methodology.
In addition, his comment which was difficult to understand, cut keenly deep in the feelings of artist with his warmth. That was right Uesugi style.

He had supported Art Islands TOKYO with physical and spiritual aspects even after his exhibition year. We respectfully express the condolences with appreciation.